Contribution of Nursery Rhymes To The Foundational Skills Of Childrens

Evergreen preschool nursery rhymes are an integral part of the syllabus taught to toddlers. Do you remember your favorite mary had a little lamb song or for that matter any new christmas songs for children? It is highly likely that you do and it is also possible that this may have brought a smile to your face. But do you know that rhymes are essential for the overall development of a child? Rhymes are fun and engaging and provide an experience of bonding with other kids which each child cherishes.

There are cardinal for the development of foundational skills of a kid. We will discuss each of this in detail in the following sections:

Developing a sense of togetherness in kids

When you become new parents than more often or not you will end up singing some sort of a rhyme to your kid. Soon, your kids will be in pre-school and you will see them coming back home and singing the same rhyme. This helps in developing a sense of togetherness. Similarly, when children sing rhymes with their fellow kids in school, they begin to bond with each other and develop the purest form of friendship that may ever exist on this planet.

Foundation Skills of Oral language

The practice of listening is essential for the complete development of a kid. Listening always comes before reading as without learning to listen, a child cannot learn to read in a proper manner. Also, children learn to be creative during the phases of learning rhymes. Stories that children hear in the rhymes stay with them for a long time. Most phrases that are used in rhymes do not fall in the day to day conversation and children begin to develop their vocabulary through this. Each rhyme takes them to a different world and their imagination power is enhanced. Rhymes have a tendency to dig dip into the minds of children. This is due to the rhythmic nature of singing rhymes and the actions that can be performed along with it. The oral practice of singing rhymes allows children to develop a sense of volume and to learn the basics of public speaking. So, if you are expecting a child it is time to revise some nursery rhymes as after the birth of your child you won’t even realise how time flies and soon your kid begins to go to pre-school.

Drama using Rhymes

One of the best methods of learning rhymes is the use of dramatic play. Rhymes can be easily turned into short skits which children can enact and learn the rhymes in the process. The entire process of enacting a rhyme involves various other things like group activity and teamwork which are enhanced in the kids in addition to learning the rhymes. Kids can learn role play while trying to become a part of a rhyme. For instance, if you are trying to teach your kids jack and Jill then you can make one of them Jack and the other one Jill. This will allow them to learn a lot in addition to learning the rhyme. They will learn to speak out loud, listen to the other and also wait for his or her turn. This waiting for your turn is an essential concept which I believe is necessary for most kids to learn.

Rhymes are fun and adults should also enjoy being the part of a rhyme and teaching their kids nursery rhymes. After all, a child singing a rhyme can take away a day’s stress from your head in an instant.